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nothing but

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnothing butnothing butonly She’d had nothing but bad luck. nothing
Examples from the Corpus
nothing butThey saw nothing but a dim grayness, or was it blackness?His death was nothing but an absurd, ludicrous accident.They did nothing but argue for the whole journey.You could walk from there till your feet ached, and still you'd see nothing but herring.Indeed I was forgetful, pathologically so, and for this too I felt nothing but remorse.At one time we had about eighty people here who did nothing but research into various family genealogies.Charles, by contrast, had known nothing but restriction and discipline.Nora objects, it's been nothing but ringing phones and boiling kettles, doorbells and toilets, since you began.There was nothing but salad to eat.This car's been nothing but trouble.
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