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nothing like

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnothing likenothing likeBritish English not at all Twenty years ago travel was nothing like as easy as it is now. This will be nothing like enough money. like
Examples from the Corpus
nothing likeThe zone blitz can fluster an offense because it looks nothing like a conventional blitz.All of these are useful, and collectively they offer nothing like enough.But she's nothing like her character in real-life.Straitlaced Amos, for example, was less stereotypical than his pals, and Sapphire spoke nothing like her husband.But the 1870s were not the 1370s, and amid rapid industrialization, apprenticeship was nothing like it once was.It was nothing like the life I wanted.Myddle parish saw nothing like the same rapid turnover of personnel.I have heard of three deaths during rugby matches in the seven years I have been secretary, but nothing like this.