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nothing of the sort

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnothing of the sortnothing of the sortBritish English spokenUNTRUENOT DO something used to say angrily that something is not true or that someone should not do something ‘I’m going to watch TV.’ ‘You’ll do nothing of the sort!’ sort
Examples from the Corpus
nothing of the sortIt sounds unkind, but nothing of the sort was ever remotely true of Borg.But nothing of the sort happens.Maggie expected him to look annoyed but he did nothing of the sort.In practice, of course, he does nothing of the sort.This is nothing of the sort.Uncle Allen remembered nothing of the sort.So far, Holly says, he has seen nothing of the sort.Kiki was a Garbo fanatic and looked on herself as a femme fatale even though she was nothing of the sort.
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