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nothing to worry about

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnothing to worry aboutnothing to worry aboutspokenWORRIED used to tell someone that something is not as serious or difficult as they think It’s just a check-up – nothing to worry about. worry
Examples from the Corpus
nothing to worry aboutIt's just a simple check-up. There's nothing to worry about.You have nothing to worry about.As long as those trousers were still in circulation, I felt sure there was nothing to worry about.Bland reassurances came from the officials in charge of the spraying, who said there was nothing to worry about.But Mel still insisted they had nothing to worry about.I can reassure you that your sexy dreams are nothing to worry about.Nine times out of ten, using this tactic, you discover that there's nothing to worry about.You can then realistically reassure yourself that you have nothing to worry about.You're a bright girl, and you've got nothing to worry about, as long as you finish all your assignments.There was nothing to worry about: if there had been, the fuzz would have come in with a warrant.
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