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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnoticeableno‧tice‧a‧ble /ˈnəʊtəsəbəl $ ˈnoʊ-/ ●●○ adjective  OBVIOUSeasy to notice Alcohol has a noticeable effect on the body. It was noticeable that many of them avoided answering the question.noticeable difference/change/increase etc a noticeable improvement in air qualitysee thesaurus at obviousnoticeably adverb She has become noticeably more confident. The children were noticeably affected by the divorce.
Examples from the Corpus
noticeableIt also has an astringent effect which can tighten skin, making wrinkles less noticeable.Don't worry; the stain is hardly noticeable.Stop worrying about your pimples; they're barely noticeable.It was most noticeable at the annual conferences, held in windswept seaside resorts in early October.The most noticeable change was in my younger brother, who had grown quite a bit and was now a third-grader.The most noticeable difference: a new portrait of Ben Franklin.This is where the Steamatic can make a noticeable difference.The new supermarket has had a noticeable effect on people's shopping habits.After two days there was a noticeable improvement in his health.There has been a noticeable improvement in Jeremy's behaviour lately.We expect to see a noticeable improvement within three months.The lateral and ventral arm plates have distinctive transverse ridges most noticeable in dry or nearly dry specimens.As the hand was held on the blazing ring, the stench of burning flesh was clearly noticeable in the hot air.He's noticeable now, being almost bald, but he was noticeable then, too.It was quite noticeable that everyone had been invited except for Gail.It was noticeable that no one at the party was under 40.Most people are not affected by the chemical in any noticeable way.noticeable difference/change/increase etcAnd she had made one much more noticeable change.This is where the Steamatic can make a noticeable difference.The most noticeable difference: a new portrait of Ben Franklin.One of the major side effects of taking steroids is a noticeable change in body structure, changes in features.Miriam saw a noticeable change in her daughter.After two weeks, there was a noticeable difference in the health and energy of all the children.The most noticeable difference is the look of the delegates.I could still purr it, bomb it, whatever, without any noticeable difference - other than the clarity.
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