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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnotionalno‧tion‧al /ˈnəʊʃənəl $ ˈnoʊ-/ adjective [usually before noun]  REAL/NOT IMAGINARY#existing only as an idea or plan, and not existing in reality Their calculations were based on a notional minimum wage.
Examples from the Corpus
notionalTheir calculations were based on a notional $3.50 per share.So do the techniques of certain other methods, such as the notional approach to language teaching.It consists of the notional component of the finite verb and the rest of the message.Two Gazelles will go out together and find vantage points from which to observe notional enemy positions.The cut through Nussbaum Gang isolates a notional fragment of it.Apparently the world has a notional pool of capital.While there are obviously problems in developing and using this type of notional scale it has some utility.My daughter isn't some notional stereotype invented to scare elderly cardinals.The next step is to consider whether the notional system reflects the characteristics of the formal system model.
From Longman Business Dictionarynotionalno‧tion‧al /ˈnəʊʃənəlˈnoʊ-/ adjective a notional amount, price, rent etc is not real but is guessed at or used as an examplean amount which had been based on the notional values of the homes which they occupied
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