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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnotoriousno‧to‧ri‧ous /nəʊˈtɔːriəs, nə- $ noʊ-, nə-/ ●○○ adjective  FAMOUSfamous or well known for something bad syn infamous a notorious computer hacker notorious cases of human rights abusesnotorious for a judge notorious for his cruelty and corruptionsee thesaurus at famousnotoriously adverb Statistics can be notoriously unreliable. The program is notoriously difficult to learn.
Examples from the Corpus
notoriousThis portrait of self-destruction is told through the contrast of two singing sisters, one famous and one notorious.The crash happened at a notorious accident blackspot.He faced up to the notorious Chelsea Boot Boys with an electrified fence but was refused permission to switch it on.One of Britain's most notorious criminals has escaped from prison.the notorious flaw in the Hubble Space TelescopeEnglish soccer fans are notorious for their drunkenness.Hotels and catering are notorious for their low rates of pay.Sauteed quail livers with Madeira sauce are notorious in this regard.The Richmond case joins other notorious incidents of child-against-child violence in recent years.The middle of United's notorious pitch was a swamp long before kick-off, posing the threat of stamina-sapping conditions.Davis is a notorious woman hater.notorious forChildren are notorious for snacking, especially on high-fat foods.
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