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novelistnov‧el‧ist /ˈnɒvəlɪst $ ˈnɑː-/ ●●○ noun [countable]  BOALsomeone who writes novelsauthor
Examples from the Corpus
novelistThe novels which followed this decision are the fulfilment of Hardy's career as a novelist.He was an actor, director, artist, singer, composer and novelist.Charles Dickens was one of the greatest 19th century novelists.He's the missing working-class novelist, the link between Lawrence and Sillitoe.Budding gay novelist Larry Kramer is enjoying success at last.Jason Purvis, the starving beachcomber and would-be great novelist who at last did achieve a kind of fame.Japanese novelists deal with the question of old age in a way few other writers can aspire to.The book quotes from the diaries of novelist Evelyn Waugh.They are leaving us novelists without any subjects.
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