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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnownow1 /naʊ/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 NOWat the present time at this time They now live in the city centre. There’s nothing I can do about this right now (=exactly now).by now Sonia should have been home by now. Do you think she’s OK?up to now/until now Until now, doctors have been able to do very little to treat this disease. Please try to be more careful from now on (=starting from now).for now (=for a short time) Just leave your shoes on the back porch for now.just now especially British English (=at the present time) There are a lot of bargains in the shops just now.2 NOWimmediately immediately The bell has rung – stop writing now. If we leave now, we’ll be there before dark.3 NOWrealizing used when you know or understand something because of something you have just seen, just been told etc Having met the rest of the family, she now saw where he got his temper from.4 three weeks/two years etc now5 (every) now and then/now and againSPOKEN PHRASES6 a) ATTENTIONused when getting someone’s attention before continuing what you are saying or changing the subject Now, let’s move on to the question of payment. b) used at the beginning of a sentence when asking for information Now, what did you say your name was? c) PAUSEused when pausing when you are thinking what to say next Now, let’s see, oh yes – they wanted to know what time you’ll be back on Friday. d) SAY/STATEused to say that if the situation was different, something different would happen Now if I’d been in charge there’s no way I’d have let them use the van. e) COMFORT/MAKE somebody FEEL BETTERused to make someone calm, or comfort them when they are angry, upset etc Come on now, don’t cry. f) REMIND/MAKE somebody REMEMBERused when telling or reminding someone to do something Now hurry up! I haven’t got all day. Don’t forget now, you have a dental appointment Thursday afternoon.7 any day/minute etc now8 just now9 now then10 well now11 now for something12 and now13 now now14 not now15 now what?16 now you’re talking17 it’s now or never18 now’s the time (for somebody) to do something19 what is it now?/now what?20 now you tell me!21 now ... now ...THESAURUSnow at this timeWhere are you living now?The population is much larger now than it used to be.currently formal now – used when describing what a situation is likeThe firm currently employs 113 people.Currently, the starting salary is around £20,000.at the moment now – used when talking about a short period of time, after which the situation is likely to changeI think she’s at lunch at the moment – can I ask her to call you back?At the moment I’m working in a restaurant, but I’m hoping to go to college.at present/at the present time formal (also presently American English) now – used when you do not expect something that is true now to be permanentMany areas are inaccessible at present due to heavy snow.The official currency is the crown, presently about 30 to the dollar.for the time being now – used when a situation is likely to change, especially because an arrangement is only temporaryYou can stay here for the time being, until you find a flat.
Examples from the Corpus
nowJulie has moved to a new school and she's much happier now.Time's up - stop writing now.We used to be good friends but I don't see very much of her now.Item 9: is a rare brooch, I have never seen so complete a version until now.This is how weightless I feel right now.Call me when you get home from school - don't forget now!The original owners could not sustain the necessary level of investment so the company has now been sold.It's not raining now, but they said it might rain later.The mule may now devote all its attention to thwarting the farmer."I just went to see Jim." "So, now do you see why I'm worried about him?"The brewer must now extract these sugars by adding more hot water and so transfers the mash to a mash-tun.He used to coach high school basketball but now he's a realtor.Let's see, now, he would have been about seven then?Now, how many people want cake?If I'd been there, now, I would've made sure it got done right.Don't cry, now, it'll be all right.From now on, the U.S. government will rely on a new method to measure economic growth.Students are to be in their seats by 8:00 from now on.Seattle is now one of the computer industry's major centers.Every manner of artistic expression, every experiment, however imaginative, however preposterous or outrageous, was now permissible.Okay, now, watch me.Right now we do not know the extent of that problem.Come on, Dave, if we don't leave now we'll be late.Okay, now, who's next?Now who was Kathleen married to?right nowConquering your weight problem is probably the most important thing in your life right now.He's up there right now.I wonder what the rest of the 300,000 Bay Area telecommuters are doing right now.King is king of the fiction paperback bestseller list right now.It seemed at turns to be happening right now and ages ago.Call her right now , before she leaves.She's in Amsterdam right now but she should be in Paris by tomorrow night.I need a new car but right now I can't afford one.Yet right now it is possible to raise the debt limit with a simple majority vote in both houses.
nownow2 ●●● S1 W3 (also now that) conjunction  BECAUSEbecause of something or as a result of something Now that we know each other a little better, we get along fine. I’m going to relax now the school year is over. Now that I think of it, I acted the same way when I was his age.
Examples from the Corpus
nowMy oldest son and I are getting along better now that he's getting ready to go to college.
NOW, thethe NOWNOW, the /ˌen əʊ ˈdʌbəljuː $ -oʊ-/  (the National Organization for Women) a large US organization started in 1966, which works for legal, economic, and social equality between women and men. Its first president was Betty Friedan, who also helped to start it
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