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ldoce_236_anozzlenoz‧zle /ˈnɒzəl $ ˈnɑː-/ noun [countable]  DTa part that is fitted to the end of a hose, pipe etc to direct and control the stream of liquid or gas pouring out
Examples from the Corpus
nozzleThe company also expects to increase its sales in the aviation fuel nozzle servicing business.For details of your local stockist, contact. 1 Remove nozzle and cut end of cartridge.Burners are very simple, almost like a garden spray nozzle, and there are no ash and SOx problems.Starting was easy, and the two moulded handles allowed the nozzle to be manoeuvred easily.Thick, ribbed or thin ropes can be made depending on the nozzle chosen.In effect, it turns the nozzle inside out.Inside the normal-looking can was a valve that kept paint from flowing unless the nozzle was opened by electricity.Hold the bag at right angles to the surface to be iced, with the nozzle a fraction away.
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