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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnudenude1 /njuːd $ nuːd/ ●●○ adjective  1 NAKEDnot wearing any clothes syn naked I did some work as a nude model when I was in college. Have you ever posed nude (=been photographed or painted while nude)?2 NAKEDdone by or involving people who are not wearing any clothes There are several nude scenes in the film. I have no desire to go to a nude beach (=a beach where people wear no clothes).3 a pale pink-brown colour – used in fashion nude tights
Examples from the Corpus
nudeNevertheless, she was a handsome woman and very competent and Modi persuaded her to pose for him nude.The servant girl - perhaps in honour of the occasion - was also nude and without the customary middle band.Private and sanctioned nude areas are legal in Texas, but some states are trying to pass anti-nudity legislation.There are also sanctioned nude beaches and unsanctioned beaches, where you go buff at your own risk.I heard all the beaches are nude down there.On the wall was a nude drawing of her husband.At the front of the painting is a nude figure carrying a torch.Soon-Yi told friends that Mia went wild after finding nude photos of her in film-maker Allen's Manhattan apartment.Rogers refuses to do nude scenes in movies.They are utterly complicit with the usual representations of nude women in the history of art.nude modelThe six normally spent their working week posing as nude models in the Manchester Regional College of Art.nude scenesApparently the couple had some nude scenes and Jared couldn't stomach the idea of his sweetheart frolicking with her ex!But I think I can say that there aren't going to be any nude scenes between you and Caduta.Look, there aren't any nude scenes in the script, not with Caduta.
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nudenude2 noun  1 [countable]NAKED a painting, statue etc of someone not wearing clothes2 in the nude
Examples from the Corpus
nudea nude by PicassoEveryone else in the class is working on a reclining female nude.In this chapter we examine how the female nude became a crucial element in the formation of art designated modern.Chapter 4 considers why the female nude played so prominent a part in the making of modern art practice.They were really the first nudes that he had done since Jane Birkin posed topless in the Sixties.To be honest, I prefer his flower pictures to his nudes.The greatest obscenities, to be sure, were photographs of nudes.Many of them are reminiscent of Modigliani's nudes.The simultaneous presentation continued, two writhing nudes on the stage, two thrashing nudes on the screen.
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