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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnullnull /nʌl/ adjective   null and void
Examples from the Corpus
nullHe decided that the marriage was null and void.Figure 8.5 Projections of two neighbouring null geodesics on to the plane.The use of the null hypothesis does have one very practical use.The researcher may actually expect that the null hypothesis is faulty and should be rejected in favor of the alternative H1.The null hypothesis that can then be tested by using the F distribution as explained in chapter 3.This gives variables of exactly known distribution, so that we can calculate the significance of any given peak under the null hypothesis.Functions have to return an answer, but the value returned by this function is a null string.Dealing with null values is one of the problems that extensions to Codd's original relational model do take into account.
From Longman Business Dictionarynullnull /nʌl/ adjective [only before a noun]1STATISTICS a null effect, result etc is one that is zero or nothing2LAW another name for NULL AND VOIDTheir suit also asks the court to declare null the buyer’s shareholder-rights plan.
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