2 verb
1 [transitive] to give a number to something that is part of an ordered set or list:
They haven't numbered the pages of the report.
All the seats in the theatre are numbered.
a numbering system
number something (from) 1 to 10/100 etc
Number the questions 1 to 25.
2 [linking verb] if people or things number a particular amount, that is how many there are:
The population of the town numbered about 5,000.
The men on strike now number 5% of the workforce.

somebody's/something's days are numbered

used to say that someone or something cannot live or continue for much longer:
I knew my days were numbered at that firm.

number among something/be numbered among something

formal to be included as one of a particular group:
He was a successful corporate lawyer who numbered among his clients J.P. Morgan and Standard Oil.
5 [transitive] literary to count something:
Who can number the stars?

number off

phrasal verb
PMA if soldiers number off, each one calls out their number when their turn comes [= count off American English]

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