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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnumeracynu‧me‧ra‧cy /ˈnjuːmərəsi $ ˈnuː-/ noun [uncountable]  the ability to do calculations and understand simple mathematicsliteracy The report suggests that students need to improve their numeracy skills.
Examples from the Corpus
numeracyThere is, however, considerable concern amongst employers about basic skills including literacy and numeracy.Contrast this with concern among teachers and parents over levels of literacy and numeracy.Basic numeracy and literacy are often all that are required.Geography provides an extensive training in numeracy, literacy and in handling geographic information of all kinds.Languages should be considered a key skill alongside literacy, numeracy, and information and communications technology, the report says.The strength of geography lies in the training it provides inthe combination of literacy, numeracy, problem-solving and experimental skills.Experience in the use of computer modelling is highly desirable and a high degree of numeracy is essential.In Macbeth, for example, the organisation of numeracy of players, hits and rests, is magnificent.
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