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numeratornu‧me‧ra‧tor /ˈnjuːməreɪtə $ ˈnuːməreɪtər/ noun [countable] technical  HMNthe number above the line in a fraction, for example 5 is the numerator in 5/6denominator
Examples from the Corpus
numeratorAD534 used as a divider, providing differential operation on both numerator and denominator Fig. 6.If the value of the whole expression, , is to remain constant then the value of the numerator must also fall.Such splitting is feasible if the polynomial on the numerator is of lower degree than that on the denominator.Thus if where the quantities a i and b i are constant coefficients then or where the numerators A i are constants.The numerator of this expression, M is the magnet flux linked with the phase winding.
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