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nunnerynun‧ne‧ry /ˈnʌnəri/ noun (plural nunneries) [countable] old use  RRa convent
Examples from the Corpus
nunneryDue to some unexplained back story, Royer-Collard has been keeping a young orphan girl locked away at a nunnery.Or to a nunnery on Iona.She fell in love with him but, on discovering he was already married, she retired to a nunnery.Monasteries and nunneries were relatively safe from attack until the Dissolution and would have no need for elaborate and impractical tunnels.We believed there was a secret tunnel between rectory and nunnery.On the way, the ruins of an old nunnery can be seen on the left.After completing three rounds of the Barkhor we left to return to the nunnery separately.
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