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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnuptialnup‧tial /ˈnʌpʃəl/ adjective [only before noun] formal  MARRYrelating to marriage or the marriage ceremonywedding a nuptial mass nuptial bliss
Examples from the Corpus
nuptialTwo maids were making up our nuptial bed, smoothing the white linen with their dark hands.Name the day, bride in white, radiant, nuptial Mass.The bride and groom returned together to the front seat for the nuptial Mass.Explosive breeders also show a further adaptation to male competition - the development of enlarged nuptial pads on their hands.The implication is that males need maintain high levels of vigilance only when in nuptial plumage.Victoria called a sidebar of her closest allies, urging them to replace nuptial sentiment with hard political decisiveness.nuptial vows
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