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nurserymannur‧se‧ry‧man /ˈnɜːsərimən $ ˈnɜːr-/ noun (plural nurserymen /-mən/) [countable] British English  BODLGsomeone who grows plants and trees in a nursery
Examples from the Corpus
nurserymanHer daddy was a nurseryman and grew tomatoes and grapes and hothouse plants and flowers in his glasshouses.The show has gained a reputation as a regional Chelsea, attracting nurserymen and visitors from all over the country.First came the farmers and then more specialist cultivators: market gardeners, nurserymen and florists.Good nurserymen watch the weather forecasts, and do not despatch when cold weather is imminent.Along with him I planted other wild trees, mostly native willows and the nurserymen came and added their more refined products.Two nurserymen have begun farming Tiger Worms.The result - a compost of which nurserymen can be proud.Use a fungicide recommended by your nurseryman.
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