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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnutritionistnu‧tri‧tion‧ist /njuːˈtrɪʃənɪst $ nuː-/ noun [countable]  someone who has a special knowledge of nutrition
Examples from the Corpus
nutritionistThen he looked for a nutritionist.I have a nutritionist who travels with me and works out a daily menu.In some instances an interview with a nutritionist will be desirable in addition to or in lieu of laboratory studies.Public health significance arid the role of the community dietitian / nutritionist.Both the carp angler and the fish nutritionist want the carp to take their bait or diet.He had refused, however, and sought advice privately from a medically qualified nutritionist.Note from the action plan that both the nurse and the nutritionist perform height, weight, and skinfold measurements.
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