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nutritivenu‧tri‧tive /ˈnjuːtrətɪv $ ˈnuː-/ adjective  1 DFNrelating to nutrition2 formalDFN nutritious
Examples from the Corpus
nutritiveThe nutritive arguments still stand and I would not make a habit of eating lots of white bread.That night Blanquita whips up some green nutritive complexion cream in the Cuisinart.After all, who can measure the value derived from a dessert once you take away the nutritive factors?Here, nutritive material is absorbed through the gut wall into the bloodstream, while bacteria break down less-digestible substances such as cellulose.Consequently, this fixation on the earliest, nurturing and nutritive superego-precursor seems increasingly to express itself in the form of drug-addiction.Psychological and spiritual well-being can not be measured by nutritive tables alone.It has psychological as well as nutritive value to us.The food, although mainly low in nutritive value, unappetizing and depressingly monotonous, was at least adequate in quantity.
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