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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnutsnuts[plural] informal a man’s testicles nutnutsnuts1 /nʌts/ adjective [not before noun] informal  1 CRAZYcrazy Are you nuts? I’m going to go nuts (=become crazy) if I don’t find a new job soon. Turn that radio off. It’s driving me nuts (=annoying me very much).2 go nuts3 be nuts about/over somebody/something
Examples from the Corpus
nutsHey, uniforms might be marvelous, but the notion they are a cure for the ills around us is nuts.I mean, that is just nuts.That one dude, it was nuts.Are you nuts or something?I think we are nuts Steve.I told you you were nuts to live up there.Now I know I was nuts to worry.Joe especially is going nuts tonight.driving ... nutsRam's star trip is driving everyone fuckin' nuts.It will end up driving you nuts otherwise.
nutsnuts2 interjection American English old-fashioned  1 used to emphasize that something bad or annoying has happened Nuts! Now we’re going to be late for the movie.2 nuts to somebody/somethingNutsNuts /nʌts/ trademark   a lad mag (=magazine for young men) published weekly in the UK. It has many pictures of women wearing not much clothing and articles about cars, football, and other things that interest young men.
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