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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishOO1, o /əʊ $ / noun (plural O’s, o’s)  1 SLA[countable, uncountable] the 15th letter of the English alphabet2 [uncountable] spokenHMN zero My phone number is six o four double two (=60422).3 [uncountable] a common type of bloodOO2 /əʊ $ / interjection  1 ALused when praying to a god or, in the past, when speaking to someone in great authority O Lord, in you I put my trust.2 x-refanother form of oh
Examples from the Corpus
OO Lord, hear our prayer.
o'o' /ə/ preposition  AL‘of’ written as people sometimes say it informally a drop o' whisky o'clock
Examples from the Corpus
o'a cup o' coffee
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