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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoafoaf /əʊf $ oʊf/ noun [countable]  CLUMSYsomeone who is stupid or awkward, especially a manoafish adjective
Examples from the Corpus
oafOnly an oaf would remain longer.That big oaf of a stonemason?Watch it, you big oaf!She deserves better than to be upended by a drunken oaf who seems incapable of controlling his social behaviour.Unfortunately, facing Mrs Bottomley reduced me from passionate eloquence to an inarticulate oaf, and my opportunity was lost.Under the influence Clift was transformed from an articulate and relaxed friend into a repugnant oaf.They have also, it must be admitted, sometimes floundered and fumbled like ten-thumbed, hammer-footed, constipated, sexless oafs.Really, George was a tasteless oaf at times.
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