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objectiveob‧jec‧tive1 /əbˈdʒektɪv/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 PURPOSEsomething that you are trying hard to achieve, especially in business or politics syn goal He vowed to achieve certain objectives before the end of his presidency. the best way to accomplish your objectives The degree program has two main objectives. Managers should set specific performance objectives for their teams. The main objective was to improve children’s knowledge of geography. A clear objective was set and adhered to. One of your first business objectives should be to get your own office.see thesaurus at aim, purpose2 PMPLACEa place that you are trying to reach, especially in a military attack The 4th Division’s objective was a town 20 miles to the east.COLLOCATIONSverbshave an objectiveOur main objective is to reduce road accidents.set an objective (=decide what you are trying to achieve)Pupils should be encouraged to set their own objectives.achieve/accomplish an objective (also attain an objective formal)The policy should help us achieve our objective of reducing paper waste.reach/meet an objective (=achieve an objective)We need to control spending in order to meet our financial objectives.pursue an objective (=try to achieve something you want)War has always been a means of pursuing national objectives.adjectivesthe main/principal objectiveThis research project has three main objectives.the primary/prime objective (=the main one)The primary objective of training is to improve performance.a key objective (= a very important objective)Their economic strategy was based on a number of key objectives.a clear objectiveA manager must give his team clear objectives to work towards.a specific objectiveMost classroom activities have a specific learning objective.a stated objective (=what someone says their objective is)The city’s stated objective was to improve housing in the area.a common objective (=one that people, countries etc share)Our employees have a sense of common objectives and their commitment is high.an economic/military/business/political etc objectiveWe have made good progress towards meeting our business objectives.phrasesaims and objectives (=all the things someone wants to achieve)The department should clearly state its aims and objectives.
Examples from the Corpus
objectiveState your business objectives clearly.The following is an example of some cognitive objectives for teaching the nursing care of a patient recovering from heart surgery.The company's main objective is to keep recyclable material out of landfills.The President believes that all military objectives have been achieved.Performance objectives give people the best means to assess and improvise their way through change.Program objectives are a major focus of the evaluation model.The report focused on three of the business's objectives.The 4th Division's objective was a town 20 miles to the east.The second objective was met by the introduction of a betterment levy on development value.The problem of establishing coherent, explicit and stable objectives for state enterprises applies with particular force to the railways.The objective of this computer game is to design a city.They recognized that some of their objectives could be reached by administrative action without running the gauntlet of the legislative process.At worst a vague objective should be couched in very precise terms.business objectivesThis strategic approach aims to optimise information and technology as valuable resources to achieve the key business objectives of the corporation.In consequence we have developed restrictive practices and engineering, at best, are only partially aware of the business objectives.We welcome visits to the College to discuss individual nominations and to identify personal development needs related to business objectives.We ask how we can make environmental objectives tie in with business objectives - which means profit.Training is available in telephone skills, letter writing, handling meetings or presentations, to help you meet your business objectives.
objectiveobjective2 ●○○ AWL adjective  1 FAIRbased on facts, or making a decision that is based on facts rather than on your feelings or beliefs opp subjectiveobjective assessment/measurement/description etc It’s hard to give an objective opinion about your own children. Scientists need to be objective when doing research.purely/totally/completely objective the importance of a completely objective, independent press2 formalREAL/NOT IMAGINARY existing outside the mind as something real, not only as an idea The world has an objective reality.objectivity /ˌɒbdʒekˈtɪvəti $ ˌɑːb-/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
objectiveThe selection board, which decides on promotions, should be strictly objective.It's always difficult to be objective about such a sensitive issue as abortion.The emphasis is on objective analysis of evidence rather than on a subjective impression of any single witness.But how does this allow a study of style that is objective and exact?Both relatively objective and relatively subjective criteria present other problems.But it does little to show how the subjective and objective aspects of colour are related.the objective caseI have decided that I should try to be objective instead, and reflect for a moment.Originally, I went to the counselor because I needed an objective opinion about the whole situation.I could use an objective opinion on this problem.objective realityIs there such a thing as objective reporting?There are no objective signs of injury on the body.The interests of the shareholders become an objective standard to govern the actions of the directors.Sometimes it's hard to be objective when the situation gets emotional.purely/totally/completely objectiveCritical doubt depends on a myth, the idea that human knowledge is totally objective and neutral.It is crucial therefore that these guidelines are followed in all cases: a completely objective approach adopted.Obviously, purely objective criteria such as the patient's age or the particular illness can not be justified or relied upon.Nor is it a completely objective evaluation.A good organiser is totally objective, even downright hard-hearted in choosing venue, style, speakers and programme.The Profitboss is totally objective in making people decisions in business.Clearly, in Satnam and kindred cases, the purely objective stance which Caldwell has been interpreted to represent has been rejected.But since none of us can be completely objective we have a responsibility to say what our biases are.
From Longman Business Dictionaryobjectiveob‧jec‧tive1 /əbˈdʒektɪv/ noun [countable] something that you are trying to achieve SYN AIMOur objective is to grow earnings at about 6% a year.An estimated 86% of products failed to reach their business objectives.a client’s investment objectivesobjectiveobjective2 adjective not influenced by your own needs, wishes, or situationAn analyst’s role is to provide an informed, objective opinion regarding the future of a company.objectively adverbThe Bank will do all it can to investigate your complaint objectively.objectivity noun [uncountable]Some members of the board questioned the auditor’s objectivity.
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