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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobjectivelyob‧jec‧tive‧ly /əbˈdʒektɪvli/ AWL adverb  FAIRif you consider something objectively, you try to think about the facts, and not be influenced by your own feelings or opinions Look at your skills objectively when deciding on a career change.
Examples from the Corpus
objectivelyTry to look at your situation objectively.The Tzannetakis administration left state broadcasting free to report objectively.Our task is to weigh the evidence objectively and impartially.They wanted to believe that it was fundamentally fair, ruled objectively by the clock.The manager objectively describes the person's performance but says nothing further.We shall see them more objectively for having studied the others.The behaviour of humans, like the behaviour of matter, can be objectively measured.He has made better wines, and some of the wines in this group were objectively superior.But if the two wars differed objectively, the perception of their similarity was a reality.
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