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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobjectorob‧jec‧tor /əbˈdʒektə $ -tər/ noun [countable]  AGAINST/OPPOSEsomeone who states or shows that they oppose somethingobjector to objectors to the new motorway conscientious objector
Examples from the Corpus
objectorDuring a stormy meeting at the club, objectors claimed their house values would fall and greenfield views would be obliterated.After his baptism, Martin advanced to the battlefield as a conscientious objector.Initially a conscientious objector, he joined the army in 1941 and wound up a captain in the Middle East.Knowing better than even to apply for conscientious objector, I went about avoiding the draft another way altogether.The conscientious objectors said they were surprised by the loudness of the crunch.For the preliminary requirements with which the applicant or objector must normally comply, see 55.11 and 16.She was outraged, guessing that the objectors had carried on their fight after her departure from lunch on Monday.The objectors really should reflect more on the alternatives.
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