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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobscenityob‧scen‧i‧ty /əbˈsenəti/ noun (plural obscenities)  1 [uncountable]SWEAR sexually offensive language or behaviour, especially in a book, play, film etc laws against obscenity2 [countable usually plural]SWEAR a sexually offensive word or actionswear drunken youths screaming obscenities
Examples from the Corpus
obscenityHe suspected her existence was an obscenity.But the pleasure I took in hearing about his obscenities soon passed.The teens, agitated by their restriction, were randomly leaving their living quarters and vehemently hurling obscenities and spitting at staff.This would, in Britain, be a test of indecency, not obscenity.The result is that the practical definition of obscenity has been decided by middle-aged-to-elderly professional men.Protestors hurled rocks and screamed obscenities.Rick burst into the apartment, drunk and shouting obscenities.President Nixon punctuated his Watergate tapes with obscenities.Someone had written obscenities all over the classroom wall.
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