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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobsequiousob‧se‧qui‧ous /əbˈsiːkwiəs/ adjective  FRIENDLYvery eager to please or agree with people who are powerful – used to show disapproval syn servile an obsequious smileobsequiously adverbobsequiousness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
obsequiousThe waiter was polite and efficient, but not obsequious.In fact, the letter is almost obsequious.Mrs Bay, thighs clasped close against her body, displayed a shamelessly obsequious air as she watched the mystical deliberations.The salesman's obsequious manner was beginning to irritate me.We strive like obsequious morticians to provide consolation by enshrining a corpse.In a court in which obsequious obedience to the monarch was the rule.Their obsequious praise demands a rebuttal; because really, Mimic is pretty mediocre, even for a B-movie.All this obsequious praise for his actions is enough to make most normal people sick.As it was, he was forced to his usual obsequious tolerance.Perhaps television was just too obsequious towards leaders to be revealing.
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