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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobsessionob‧ses‧sion /əbˈseʃən/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  OBSESSIONan extreme unhealthy interest in something or worry about something, which stops you from thinking about anything else Gambling became an obsession, and he eventually lost everything.obsession with an unhealthy obsession with being thin The current obsession with exam results is actually harming children’s education. The game pachinko became a national obsession. He has an enthusiasm for art, to the point of obsession in my opinion. She looked after him with a devotion bordering on obsession.obsessional adjectiveCOLLOCATIONSverbsbecome an obsessionFor Rosie, losing weight had become an obsession.have an obsessionThe poet seems to have an obsession with death.border on/upon obsession (=be almost as extreme as an obsession)Sometimes his tidiness bordered on obsession.adjectivesa national obsession (=an obsession that the whole country has)In Britain, the weather is a national obsession.an unhealthy obsession (=an obsession that is not normal)Our society seems to have an unhealthy obsession with staying young.a dangerous obsessionMark had a dangerous obsession with fast cars.a sexual obsessionSexual obsessions can take many forms.the modern obsession with somethingthe modern obsession with celebrities' livesphrasesbe something of an obsession (=be almost as strong as an obsession)The case became something of an obsession with him.to the point of obsession (=used to say that something has stopped being a normal interest and become an extreme one)She was protective of her children, to the point of obsession.be in the grip of an obsession (=have extreme feelings of interest in something or someone)At 15 I met Heather and instantly fell into the grip of an obsession.
Examples from the Corpus
obsessionWhatever its source, the desire to go there had become an obsession with her.Julia's desire to stay slim has become an obsession.The gay life becomes a traumatic and life-changing obsession.Bowman has a dangerous obsession with speed.Freeing the hostages became his obsession.I knew that if I wasn't careful, my obsession for her could destroy me.Not out of obsession with the abnormal; just for the pleasure.Each group would be able to campaign for its particular obsession in public.His real obsession was ever with the sensational effects of the titillating text.Picasso's obsession with death and sickness greatly influenced his work.Having undertaken the same journey in my own youth, I can testify to the authenticity of the obsession described.This is the really menacing thing because in their obsession with proving themselves, they are pulling us all towards destruction.Are your obsessions terrestrial or eternal?bordering on obsessionI mean, excitement is one thing, but this is bordering on obsession. 1 go over to his place.
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