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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobsessiveob‧ses‧sive1 /əbˈsesɪv/ adjective  OBSESSIONthinking or worrying about something all the time, so that you do not think about other things enough – used to show disapproval an obsessive concern with cleanliness and orderobsessive about (doing) something I try to stay fit, but I’m not obsessive about it.obsessively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
obsessiveMore precaution than that seemed obsessive.Also, learning to be obsessive about detail.I try to look after my body as best I can, but I'm not obsessive about it.This should annoy players who are obsessive about mapping details.Who, except the most obsessive academic, reads a book as he hears speech?By the next morning, the now familiar, obsessive anxiety had returned.Deep anxiety can cause obsessive behaviour.She's got this obsessive fear of losing control, so she never shows her emotions.The care of the interior demands an obsessive habit of mind.She has an obsessive need to control everything.Its obsessive search for more water, however, was never to end.obsessive about (doing) somethingI tend to be a little obsessive about cleaning.Also, learning to be obsessive about detail.This should annoy players who are obsessive about mapping details.His son was obsessive about music, mastering classical, folk and rock modes with alarming rapidity.But when they are funded according to outcomes, they become obsessive about performance.I was obsessive about securing their attention.At times I become so obsessive about the dangers that I find myself making lists of what could go wrong.Don't become obsessive about weighing yourself - I very rarely step on the scales.
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obsessiveobsessive2 noun [countable] British English technical  MPOBSESSIONsomeone whose behaviour is obsessive
Examples from the Corpus
obsessiveSome Beach Boys obsessives consider Landy a cruel and manipulative opportunist who brainwashed Brian in order to share his glory.We don't work all the time, unless we're driven obsessives.Wasn't this yet another consumer durable we didn't need, being test-marketed on obsessives?Dawson's obsessives will recognise this jangly, guitar-pop the second the catchy chorus kicks in.Tetris obsessives find themselves placing the objects in a room neatly together in their mind.
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