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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobtainableob‧tain‧a‧ble /əbˈteɪnəbəl/ AWL adjective formal  AVAILABLEGETable to be obtained syn available The form is obtainable at your local post office.
Examples from the Corpus
obtainableHowever, a simple and powerful canonical form is obtainable.The goods became obtainable, but not purchasable, because of the lack of purchasing power among the population.Radon gas can be detected using an easily obtainable device.The old county histories contain interesting material, sometimes with plans and drawings not easily obtainable elsewhere.This is largely because of the limitations on the specific impulse obtainable from chemical means.Now a college education was a realistic and obtainable goal for young blacks.I analysed them and found that a material had been used which is only obtainable in Iron Curtain countries.And these latter values are very much higher than the values obtainable on the old system.He said that he felt that its terms were the best obtainable under the circumstances.
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