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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobtrusiveob‧tru‧sive /əbˈtruːsɪv/ adjective  noticeable in an unpleasant or annoying way opp unobtrusive obtrusive TV antennas The waiters were friendly and not obtrusive.
Examples from the Corpus
obtrusiveEnvironmentalists are complaining that the amusement park is ugly and obtrusive.Our waitress was friendly, but never obtrusive.As a conciliatory gesture, the restaurant was built like a large shack, so as not to be too obtrusive.Its tone is obtrusive and difficult to subdue.The moving human body is large, obtrusive and highly visible.In spite of our obtrusive entry he made us welcome, inviting us in and lighting a fire.The signals can be rounded to give a less obtrusive signal.Their obtrusive stir repels discriminating people.The smell was certainly less obtrusive than it must have been earlier.Something more obtrusive than last night's supper.
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