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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobverseob‧verse /ˈɒbvɜːs $ ˈɑːbvɜːrs/ noun [singular]  1 formalOPPOSITE/REVERSE the opposite of a particular situation or feeling syn oppositeobverse of The obverse of victory is defeat.2 the obverse
Examples from the Corpus
obverseNo doubt the coin is always fascinated by its obverse.However, the significance of this is questionable, as extant specimens all emanate from a single obverse die.This may be seen as the obverse of racial discrimination; but an equal opportunities argument is not merely that.But the obverse is more important; the network of help and contacts.Exoneration is in a sense the obverse of responsibility.This was the obverse of the image of the industrious Catalan artisan as the basis of industrial progress.The obverse of money market advances is money market deposits, and these work in the same way.
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