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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoccupiedoc‧cu‧pied /ˈɒkjəpaɪd $ ˈɑːk-/ adjective  1 [not before noun] busy doing somethingoccupied with His time was occupied with the children. She’s fully occupied with work. The museum has enough exhibits to keep anyone occupied for an hour or two. I kept myself occupied by watching television.2 [not before noun] a bed, chair, room etc that is occupied is being used Sorry, this seat is occupied.3 an occupied place is controlled by an army from another country occupied territories
Examples from the Corpus
occupiedThere were tables, two empty, two occupied.These will turn your lights on and off automatically, giving the impression that your house is occupied.The fertile lowlands are always the first places to be occupied and Java was no exception.Active, occupied children are less likely to get into trouble.The above method will be adequate in most cases, such as in occupied, heated buildings.Boulestin went to live in occupied Paris to be near his friend.There was serious unrest in the occupied territories on Dec. 12-13.None of the flats is occupied - they've only just been built.keep ... occupiedBut Kirchberg is by no means lacking in things to keep you occupied.Just enough flexing light to keep the room occupied.Take my tip: keep yourself occupied.The children in particular had a great time with computer games, entertainers and bouncy castles to keep them occupied.The thing was to keep occupied.She hoped they kept him occupied all day.Inertia has kept the sites occupied, but functionally many of them are not related to their countryside surroundings.Existing policies keep most people occupied most of the time.
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