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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoccupieroc‧cu‧pi‧er /ˈɒkjəpaɪə $ ˈɑːkjəpaɪər/ AWL noun [countable] especially British English  1 LIVE SOMEWHEREsomeone who lives in or uses a particular house, piece of land etcresident A large proportion of occupiers now own their homes.2 a member of an army that has occupied a city or country by force owner-occupier at owner-occupied
Examples from the Corpus
occupierOnce the relationship of occupier and trespasser is established, there is not automatically a duty.As a consequence direct mortgage lending to owner occupiers increased sharply.This is an objective test which does not depend upon either the skill or the resources of the particular occupier.Almost all, except the poor peasant occupiers, were indicted as reactionary landlords.If the test is objective, then it is based on the beliefs of the reasonable occupier.The document has to be signed by the occupier of every household.
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