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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoccurrenceoc‧cur‧rence /əˈkʌrəns $ əˈkɜː- / ●○○ AWL noun  1 [countable]HAPPEN something that happensoccurfrequent/rare/common occurrence Laughter was a rare occurrence in his classroom. Flooding in the area is a common occurrence.see thesaurus at event2 [singular]HAPPEN the fact of something happeningoccurrence of The frequent occurrence of earthquakes in the area means that the buildings must be specifically designed to withstand the force.
Examples from the Corpus
occurrenceVicious fights and arguments were a daily occurrence in the shipyards.It might not be the first occurrence, she realised.Gingival hyperplasia is a frequent occurrence, especially in children and young adults.Nor were such executions isolated occurrences.The helium would seep up through fissures, and hence its natural occurrence near the hot springs.Different patterns of clinical involvement with genetic transmission or sporadic occurrence are recognised.The key type and format should be assessed, to decide on the occurrence and frequency of runs of keys.Indeed, such predictions might be described in terms of the probability with which their occurrence may be estimated.Earthquakes are an unusual occurrence in England but are not totally unknown.frequent/rare/common occurrenceThe Millers said bears in the camp are a rare occurrence.In practice parents' associations are incredibly supportive and these problems are a rare occurrence.Worse, a spokesman for the Treasury implies this is a frequent occurrence.Clearly, crime is not a rare occurrence, but it is hidden methodically, and this raises problems for research.The annual competition saw quite a rare occurrence in the sport of fishing.This is probably a comparatively rare occurrence for small mammals, but it certainly does occur.This was, of course, an extremely rare occurrence.Because of the frequent occurrence of kept, this causes difficulties in quantitative analysis.occurrence ofYou can reduce the occurrence of migraine headaches with aspirin.
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