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odds and ends

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishodds and endsˌodds and ˈends (also odds and sods British English informal) noun [plural]  THINGsmall things of various kinds without much value He didn’t keep much in his desk – just a few odds and ends.
Examples from the Corpus
odds and endsThe orange conning tower sits abandoned on the dock amid odds and ends of superstructure.Wycliffe had a little room where he kept his books and papers, his photographs and odds and ends he valued.Cheerful little odds and ends arranged with flair can often make a room seem far more interesting than much grander collections.Unlike him I have always found the little odds and ends Sellotaped to the front cover both interesting and useful.It was only three minutes down the road, and Jim always had a storehouse of odds and ends.It was a cupboard used by the cleaners that contained a number of other odds and ends.He felt heavy, saturated, crammed with more or less repulsive odds and ends he neither wanted nor needed to know.We packed just about everything, but probably left some odds and ends behind.
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