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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishodiumo‧di‧um /ˈəʊdiəm $ ˈoʊ-/ noun [uncountable] formal  HATEa strong feeling of hatred that a lot of people have for someone because of something they have done syn opprobrium Internationally Reagan attracted odium for his militarism.
Examples from the Corpus
odiumBut such men neither exercised the extreme severity, nor attracted the bitter odium, of Passelewe and Langley.As is often the case, the principal odium falls on an innocent party.It would hinder persons of ill fame acting in the business from whose ill conduct the public odium had arisen.Increasingly and unintentionally, the papacy assumed the odium of tax gatherer on behalf of the king.But he felt keenly the odium of his position.
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