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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishodoro‧dor /ˈəʊdə $ ˈoʊdər/ noun [countable]  the American spelling of odour
Examples from the Corpus
odorActivated charcoal, spread on a pan like baking soda, also alleviates an odor problem.Neighbors had noticed a foul odor coming from the apartment.The sulfur compounds, which were not further identified, were suspected of causing the onion-like odor toll takers have complained of.To them, roach spray may simply carry a nasty odor.Downtown Atlanta is normally an unhurried place where the noontime odor of fried chicken wafts through the thick humidity.The mist was getting heavier; so, too, was the rank odor of damp earth.You can only imagine how the heat intensified the odors of garbage, compost, and manure.The odor of strong rum made a greasy pass through the room.On entering the parish hall, he was surprised to smell the unmistakable odor of chicken noodle soup.

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