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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishodysseyod‧ys‧sey /ˈɒdəsi $ ˈɑː-/ noun [countable] literary  1 a series of experiences that teach you something about yourself or about life a spiritual odyssey2 ALTRAVEL a long journey with a lot of adventures or difficultieson an odyssey They departed Texas on a three-year odyssey that took them as far as Japan.
Examples from the Corpus
odysseyClarke's cross-country odyssey began in South Carolina.Her hips were small and urgent and we embarked on a furious odyssey.But what I meant was, our particular little odyssey to Jefferson's bed.This is a series of tracks showing Baker's musical odyssey from Cream through his various groups up to 1987.Because pentecostalism is so widespread, I did not have to travel very far to begin my odyssey.The novel is a humorous but often painful odyssey through the next three decades of Dolores' life.Meanwhile, the scarred veteran Inman is experiencing his own harrowing, perilous odyssey as the Civil War rages on.Dole indicated that he now is prepared to embark on a similar odyssey.
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