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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishOECDOECD /ˌəʊ iː siː ˈdiː $ ˌoʊ-/ noun   the OECD
Examples from the Corpus
OECDExplain the poor response of OECD governments to the Brandt Reports. 10.Unemployment in the OECD is expected to rise to a post-war record of 36m.The establishment of the OECD, however, also reinforced the lessons of the late 1950s that Britain was not something special.According to the OECD survey, the privatization programme involved little change in management or improvement in efficiency.The OECD is currently working on a way of comparing countries for value for money in education.
From Longman Business DictionaryOECDOECD nounECONOMICSORGANIZATIONS Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development; an international organization based in Paris that helps its member states to develop economically by producing studies, statistics etc
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