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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishofof /əv, ə; strong ɒv $ əv, ə strong $ ɑːv/ ●●● S1 W1 preposition  1 used to show what a part belongs to or comes from the back of the house the last scene of the movie the end of the day2 OWNused to show who something or someone belongs to or has a connection with a friend of Mark’s Avocado salad is a favourite of mine. Product inspection is the responsibility of the employees themselves.3 used when talking about a feature or quality that something has the cost of the meal the beauty of the scenery the length of the swimming pool4 XXused to show what group one or more things or people belong to some of the students ‘Sunflowers’ is one of his best-known paintings. Two of the guests are vegetarian. a member of the baseball team5 XXused to show what type of substance or thing you are referring to, when talking about an amount two kilos of sugar millions of dollars a bar of chocolate
6 used to say what something contains a cup of coffee several packets of cigarettes truckloads of refugees7 GROUP OF PEOPLEGROUP OF THINGSused to say what type of things or people are in a group a herd of elephants his circle of friends a bunch of bananas8 XX a) used to state specifically which thing of the general type mentioned you are referring to the city of New York the art of painting the problem of unemployment b) used to state specifically what a particular number, amount, age etc is at the age of 52 an increase of 3%9 DOused to talk about things produced by a famous or skilled writer, artist etc the plays of Shakespeare the paintings of Picasso the work of a great architect10 ABOUTused to say what a story, some news etc is about, or what a picture, map etc shows a story of love and loss news of his arrest a photo of Elizabeth a map of Indonesia
11 a) used after nouns that refer to actions, or to people who do something, in order to show who or what the action is done to the cancellation of the meeting the killing of innocent children supporters of the project b) used after nouns that refer to actions in order to show who or what does the action the ringing of the phone the arrival of a visitor12 used after some adjectives that describe feelings, to show who or what the feeling is directed towards He’s always been frightened of spiders. Most children want their parents to feel proud of them.13 HAPPENused when referring to the day, moment etc when something happened the day of the accident the week of the festival I was at home at the time of the murder.14 PLACEused to say where something is in relation to a place or thingnorth/south etc of something a historic seaside town 99 km south of Londonto the left/right of something To the left of the sofa is a table. I live within a mile of here.15 DESCRIBEused to describe a person or thing by saying what their main qualities or features are Albright was seen as a woman of great determination. It’s an area of considerable historical interest.
16 used to say what someone’s age is He has two children, a boy of 12 and a girl of 15.17 it is kind/stupid/careless etc of somebody (to do something)18 COME FROM/ORIGINATEused to say where someone comes from the people of China Jesus of Nazareth19 used to show the country, organization, or group in which someone has a particular position King Philip II of Spain the secretary of the tennis club20 used in dates before the name of the month the 27th of July21 used to say when something happened the presidential election of 1825 one of the biggest upsets of recent years
22 American English spoken used in giving the time, to mean ‘before’ syn to British English It’s a quarter of seven (=6.45).23 CAUSEused to show the cause of someone’s death He died of cancer.24 literaryTYPE used to say what material has been used to make something a dress of pure silk25 of an evening/of a weekend etcGRAMMAR: PossessivesThe usual way to say that something belongs to someone, or that someone is connected with someone, is by using -’s. You say: Tom’s cara child’s bikemy sister’s boyfriend Don’t say: the car of Tom | the bike of a child | the boyfriend of my sisterYou use –s’ after a plural noun ending in ‘s’: a teachers’ meetingYou use of mine/yours/his/hers/ours/theirs when talking about one of several people or things belonging to or connected with someone: a friend of oursa habit of mine You use by when saying who sang, wrote, or painted something: a song by Jay-Z Don’t say: a song of Jay-Z
Examples from the Corpus
ofa teaspoonful of baking sodaa flock of birdsa pack of cigarettesa crown of gold and silverFather was a man of great integrity and honesty.a car of his owna small town to the west of Kansas CityNews of Kirkland's arrest was soon all over town.a gallon of milka cousin of minea history of modern Chinaa photograph of my grandmotherI had a pain in the back of my legan area of outstanding beautyall the details of the agreementa friend of the familyHave you ever heard of the poet T.S. Eliot?a member of the rock groupmost of the studentsa map of the worldat the time ofNo wonder that the myth of handles being removed from coffins at the time of cremation perpetuates.The person who had told that story to the media had been in Los Angeles at the time of her death.But despite the vast amounts he earned in his career, Hunt was reportedly penniless at the time of his death.Expressing yourself at the time of negative feelings means you will be less apt to hurt some one.If an arrhythmia occurs at the time of syncope or near syncope, the diagnosis is established.Police were interviewing another homeless man who was believed to be in the building at the time of the fire.The offender was on licence at the time of the offence from a sentence of 15 years' imprisonment imposed in 1981.Police asked Harry where he was at the time of the robbery.All these items were acquired at the time of their manufacture, as it was museum policy to buy contemporary material.to the left/right of somethingHer hair was tied up in a hair net and the hat was removed and placed to the right of her chest.In two subsequent cases, however, federal appeals courts have given greater weight to the rights of teachers.This takes a disjointed groove system to the right of the centre of the crag.Immediately to the right of the doorway was a chair.We take the device to be initially somewhere off to the left of the Is.The play within a play opens with Act I, on the smaller puppet stage to the right of the large stage.The toilets and urinals were to the left of this section - the urinals being roofless and thus open to the elements.A thin crescent moon will appear to the left of Venus the evening of July 6.
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