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of a kind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishof a kindof a kindBADused to say that something is not as good as it should be Elections of a kind are held, but there is only one party to vote for. kind
Examples from the Corpus
of a kindSocial reform might assist such a victory, but it had to be of a kind which the Lords would not reject.A flutter of a kind, in the chest, then the shoulder blades.In part two: Four of a kind ... Durnin plays the winning hand as United come up trumps against Luton.His voice was kind, but the wrong kind of kind, too impersonal.Lovers of a kind, cats of a kind, they would have shown their claws.Indeed, in the range of kinds of organisations recognisably co-operative, it must be placed at the extreme.You have to rotate the trays and try to catch two of a kind consecutively.The radical differences will be of a variety of kinds.
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