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of all people

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishof all peopleof all peoplespokenESPECIALLY used to say that someone is the person you would least or most expect to do something Why should he, of all people, get a promotion? You of all people should have known better. people
Examples from the Corpus
of all peopleThe incident that occurred and of all people me.Now its humiliation has been deepened by, of all people, a second-hand car salesman.How could this go unnoticed by, of all people, the subjects themselves?I've been cursed for wanting Elian back with his father, of all people.It was Gentle, of all people."Annie" was directed by John Huston, of all people.One way is to emphasize the inherent innocence of all people with the disease.Why is Jennifer Stern, of all people, so important?Why, of all people, him.You of all people should have realized the risks.You of all people shouldn't be calling him worthless.
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