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of no/little account

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishof no/little accountof no/little accountformal not important As she grew up, her father was of no account to her. account
Examples from the Corpus
of no/little accountYou are a mere picture editor, a workman, whose views on editorial staff are of no account.As she grew up, her father had been of no account to her.Charles Coffin continues: The cavalry of the Army of the Potomac had been of little account.In a transforming instant, the est intellectual truth is seen to be that intellectual truth is of no account.Epictetus' magic wand can make poverty of no account.There was a war on and such emotional family matters were really of no account.It was of no account to Vinoba Bhave a Brahmin, whether the man before him was a Brahmin or an outcaste.Yet this self-protective brand of public service was of no account to the Lordly Phantasms.Gelbspan's speech was of no account.
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