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of somebody’s/something’s own accord

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishof somebody’s/something’s own accordof somebody’s/something’s own accordWILLINGwithout being asked or forced to do something He decided to go of his own accord. The door seemed to move of its own accord. accord
Examples from the Corpus
of somebody’s/something’s own accordAlmost of their own accord his hands shuffled the rest of the pack.Ongoing problems seem to arise of their own accord, and then to spread through the ranks with no ostensible cause.Chloasma nearly always goes away of its own accord when the high levels of circulating hormones return to normal.Optimists had hoped the answer was that opposition would ebb of its own accord as evidence of growth began.Dealers who weren't going to make it left, often of their own accord, before getting sacked.Will we leave peacefully of our own accord?A healthy man to put himself into a sickbed of his own accord.A cigarette between his girlish lips seemed to be emitting smoke of its own accord.
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