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of ... stamp

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishof ... stampof ... stampformalCHARACTER/PERSONALITY someone with a particular kind of character He’s clearly of a very different stamp. stamp
Examples from the Corpus
of ... stampImprobable because compared to the plump, leather-lined Bentley, a barn door has the frontal area of a postage stamp.What is wrong with a letter and resume sent for the cost of a 32-cent stamp?Giants, the epigones of Uranus, stamp around in the cold, steaming like cattle.Much of the savings would come from a $ 28. 4 billion cut in the growth of the food stamp program.Although Artemis seems to have disliked all males, she particularly resisted heroes of the stamp of Hercules and Achilles.All we ever did was make a little wine, print up a lot of postage stamps.Eventually printed replicas of stamps became acceptable to both sides.A much earlier tradition of decorative stamps on pottery existed free of any Germanic influence.
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