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of the moment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishof the momentof the momentNOWthe person, idea, word etc of the moment is the one that is most important or popular at the present time They interview personalities on a topic of the moment. the mood of the moment moment
Examples from the Corpus
of the momentUnlike bands of the moment, their work endures.It's just the heat of the moment.In other words, whatever the child is doing represents his interest of the moment.She kept clean by washing in sand, and buried her stools well away from her nest of the moment.They were like two children, who think only of the moment.His plan of the moment was unknown to the Federals, but they had a pretty good idea of his general intentions.But mistakes and inadequacies could not be fixed there, in the rush of the moment.Their run for the title may be too late, but they are the red-hot team of the moment.
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