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of the ... persuasion

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishof the ... persuasionof the ... persuasionformalTYPE of a particular type – often used humorously an ancient bed of the iron persuasion persuasion
Examples from the Corpus
of the ... persuasionA couple summers ago, there was a really good team consisting of players who were all of the Caucasian persuasion.I mean, not just a Euro-Communist or of the pinkish persuasion.For example, those who like expenditure on libraries and the arts can reside with others of the same persuasion.That in turn would have necessitated the appointment of enough peers of the Liberal persuasion to acquiesce in abolition.For example, one of the techniques of persuasion available to late Anglo-Saxon kings was that of harrying. 1041 saw a pretty example.What price a higher handicap for those of us of the bow-legged persuasion.
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