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of your acquaintance

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishof your acquaintanceof your acquaintanceformalKNOW somebody a person of your acquaintance is someone that you know The poems were written by various women of her acquaintance. acquaintance
Examples from the Corpus
of your acquaintanceInstead, she was obliged to subscribe to Emerson's misleading account of their acquaintance.Few hackers of my acquaintance smoke.These colonies are millstones around our necks, as a noble lord of my acquaintance once said.Unfortunately, many of their acquaintances in the university showed considerable sensitivity to this latter mission of the Volunteers.Most men of my acquaintance revel in happy ignorance when it comes to knowing plans and dates for the weeks ahead.A senior international referee of my acquaintance was standing nearby and confirmed my opinion.He looked around, and identified several of his acquaintances who might just have the information he needed.It seems that in the view of some of her acquaintances, Leapor was simply an ugly woman.Ms. Nichols is a writer of my acquaintance.
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